Delair UX11 UAV

Delair UX11 UAV

The Delair UX11 UAVĀ  is a photogrammetric professional mapping drone solution capable of onboard data processing, PPK-as-you-go, and both wireless and cellular communications to ensure survey-grade results anywhere.


The Delair UX11 UAV is an ideal solution for highly precise and safe mapping in a number of industries such as surveying, construction, oil & gas, utilities, mining, agriculture and transportation. It delivers integrated features for before, during and after flight operations, including an embedded global shutter camera, intuitive analytics and data reporting tools, post processed kinematic (PPK) capabilities for high quality results, and both 2.4 GhZ wireless and 3G/4G cellular connectivity.

The drone is the camera

Embedded aerial intelligence:
  • Real-time camera to Ground Control Station link for on-the-fly quality control
  • Control camera settings and quality during flight
  • Fully-integrated industrial camera
  • Designed by Delair
  • Up to 1 cm GSD imagery

Future-ready electronics

Embedded system with onboard processor:

  • Advanced quality checks on the fly
  • Deep learning

Key Differentiators:

Map large areas faster– cover 2,1 km2 (520 acres) with 1.7 cm GSD at 122m flight height, industrial camera with option PPK activation for survey grade results down to 1 cm precision.

BLVOS-ready communications– mobile connectivity via 3G network (4G-ready) for unlimited range or optional radio link.

Precise “birdlike” takeoff and landing (BTOL) – high angle (30 degrees) takeoffs and landings for use in confined areas, low-speed landing using distance -measurement technology.

Delair Flight Deck – easy to use AndroidTM mission planning and monitoring app-pre-flight checklist, no-fly zones, modern user interface, in-flight data review.


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