Pre-Order Available– Estimated to Ship April 30

The DJI L1 is a highly integrated, cost efficient, easy to use enterprise aerial LiDAR payload. The DJI L1 solution integrates a Livox LiDAR sensor, High Precision IMU, 1 inch CMOS visual camera with mechanical shutter and 3 axis stabilized gimbal system. Combined with the DJI M300 RTK and DJI Terra, the DJI L1 provides a highly efficient, all-in-one aerial LiDAR solution to obtain real-time 3D point cloud for high accuracy and detailed reconstruction needs. It is suitable for variety of verticals like mapping, surveying, energy, AEC, forestry, public safety, and on.

Exceptional Efficiency
Generate true color point cloud models in real time, or acquire 2 km 2 of point cloud data in a
single flight 5 ] using the Livox frame Lidar module with a 70° FOV and a visible light camera with a 1
inch sensor.

Unparalleled Accuracy
Render centimeter accurate reconstructions thanks to the high accuracy IMU, a vision sensor for positioning accuracy, and the incorporation of GNSS data.

Ready When You Are
The IP44 rating allows the L1 to be operated in rainy or foggy environments. The Lidar module’s active scanning method enables you to fly at night.

Point Cloud LiveView
Real time point clouds provide immediate insights onsite, so operators are informed to make
critical decisions quickly. You can also verify fieldwork quality by checking point cloud data immediately after each flight.

Measurement and Annotation
Acquire and communicate critical dimensions on the point cloud model using measurements and annotations.

One-stop Post-processing
DJI Terra fuses the IMU and GNSS data for point cloud and visible light calculations, in addition to conducting POS data calculations so you can effortlessly generate reconstructed models and accuracy reports.

This includes DJI Care Enterprise Basic.