Quantum Systems F90+ Payload – Sony UMC-R10C


The Sony UMC-R10C 20.1MP camera is used throughout the mapping industry. This camera is ideal for capturing high-quality images to create maps or 3D models. This can be done even in low light conditions thanks to the large APS-C image sensor.

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  • Orthophoto & DEM
  • point clouds & 3D models
  • 2.66cm/px & 2.1cm/px @ 100m altitude
  • 16 mm & 20 mm lens option
  • PPK Processing

The global shutter allows us to capture images without creating unwanted rolling shutter effects. Thanks to the small form factor of the UMC-R10C, it can be combined with other sensors in our drones to cover completely new application scenarios. This allows you to collect more data in less time and save money!

Sample Data Information
  • Flight time: 27 min
  • Area: ~32 ha
  • DEM
    • UMC-R10C: 11,0 cm
    • RedEdge: 28,4 cm
  • GSD Ortho
    • UMC-R10C: 2,75 cm
    • RedEdge: 7,11 cm
  • Pictures
    • UMC-R10C: 917
    • RedEdge: 5040
    • 1008 exposures x 5 bands

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs


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