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In the new era of precision farming, drones are acting as an essential technology that will take farming to a completely new level. They are a cost-effective way to collect data about various crop conditions in a relatively short period of time. The use of drones in agriculture have shown great potential in the ability to improve yield, crop quality, provide sustainable farming, and increase overall profitability through decreased operational costs.

Agriculture drones can be applied to a variety of uses. From precision agriculture to efficiently applying weed control or fertilizers, and ultimately, optimizing field management.

Powerful onboard cameras, partnered with software and algorithms, can provide farmers with critical field insights like plant health, water requirements, plant scouting, vegetation analysis, and soil conditions. Through the use of multispectral cameras, data can be used to create detailed Normalized Differential Vegetation Index (NDVI) maps, on your schedule, and not rely solely on Landsat imagery taken periodically to monitor crop health, development status, and identify problem areas.

All this, allowing you to make timely critical decisions that affect your agriculture business’s performance.

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