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Public Safety / Forensics

Drones assist police officers and firefighters in a variety of ways, allowing them access to time sensitive intelligence all while ensuring their safety is the number one priority. They provide a valuable eye in the sky to keep personnel on the ground informed and up to date with current ground situations.

Aerial surveillance can allow officers to identify, track, and pinpoint dangerous situations usually offering better insight into the current situation than officers on the ground.  With high powered zoom, thermal, and spotlight payloads search and rescue can be done more efficiently and effectively while covering larger areas. Additionally, they can provide firefighters real-time information on hot spots, potential dangers, and offer better situational awareness to the firefighters on scene.

With a variety of camera and LiDAR payloads available, accident reconstruction and forensic analysis can be done faster while capturing higher quality data. With built in mapping software drones can be quickly deployed over an accident or crime scene. They fly and capture a variety of photos that can later be used to recreate the scene in a 3D view with centimeter level accuracy. Properly trained users with correct product configurations can be used effectively in legal proceedings.

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