Mapping drones have been our specialty since our founding. There are a lot of variables that are essential to a good mapping platform. Seiler GeoDrones has the experience to help our customers make the right choices from the start to avoid costly missteps in choosing the wrong platform or sensors.


The mdLiDAR series drones are well trusted platforms in LiDAR mapping. Their strengths lie in Microdrones’ ability to integrate a sensor and payload seamlessly. As with all LiDAR systems, this is for a user that is trying to achieve accurate results with a more rapid path to a deliverable than with a photogrammetry-based solution. Additionally, LiDAR does allow some infiltration into vegetated areas.

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DJI is the worlds largest drone manufacturer. Their Enterprise division is a rapidly growing in the mapping world of drones. Users can now expect photogrammetry-based solutions from DJI that incorporate quality imaging sensors along with onboard RTK and PPK for high-accuracy positioning.

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The mdMapper series of drones are fantastic photogrammetry based solutions. They incorporate high-quality sensors along with varying levels of positioning accuracy. The top-tier system incorporates the use of direct georeferencing technology from Trimble’s Applanix division, allowing a user reduce side overlap to as low as 20%. This enables a user to significantly increase coverage area or reduce flight time.

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The UX11 is very productive thanks to its 59 min flight endurance combined with long flying range (33 mi). No need to sacrifice resolution for productivity when you can have both. In one single flight, you can map 300 ac at 400 ft and get a 1.7 cm GSD. The UX11 offers both radio and cellular based communication as well as on the ground viewing of real-time collected data.

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