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DJI Released an updated version 3.3.4 of Terra on March 14, 2022. It is recommended that all users of Terra please download and update their software to this latest version.

Normally you would be reminded to update your software when starting Terra, but a bug in the previous version won’t trigger this reminder. Please manually download and update via https://www.dji.com/downloads/products/dji-terra.

With the processing of data from the Zenmuse L1, there are instances of elevation layer mismatches on some mission flight lines and this update addresses this issue.

Other issues fixed are:

  • Fixes issue where users with online licenses cannot use premium functions offline within first two days after restarting DJI Terra.
  • Fixes issue where outputs are layered after enabling Optimize Point Cloud Accuracy when processing LiDAR data collected from multiple flights.
  • Fixes issue where DJI GSR or DJI Pilot cannot properly display downsampled DSM files generated by 2D urban reconstruction.


  • After updating firmware, users are unable to continue modeling or change reconstruction file format for missions from v3.1.4 and earlier versions.
  • After updating firmware, users must restart modeling to continue an incomplete reconstruction mission from v3.1.4 or earlier version.
  • After changing file format, users must restart modeling to continue a completed reconstruction mission from v3.1.4 or earlier version.
  • Users are unable to view reconstruction output produced in v3.3.0 if the firmware is reverted back to v3.1.4 or earlier versions.
  • After renaming the mission in v3.3.0, users are unable to view reconstruction output in v3.1.4 or earlier versions.
  • Zenmuse L1 calibration function is required with Zenmuse L1 with firmware version higher than v02.04.01.08 (excluding v02.04.01.08).
  • DJI Terra Permanent License update and maintenance fees: Users can update DJI Terra to any version released within the first year of use free of charge, starting from when license is activated. From the second year onward, users must pay for version updates annually.
  • The Detailed Inspection function is now compatible with DJI Pilot V1.9.0R or later versions.

Please see the complete version notes here:

DJI Terra Release Note V3.3.4.pdf

If you have any questions, please contact us at our Support Page

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