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Press Release: Seiler Instrument partners with GeoSLAM!

Seiler Instrument recently announced the latest edition to its Geospatial Emerging Technologies Portfolio – The GeoSLAM Zeb-Revo.

The GeoSLAM Zeb-Revo is a lightweight, revolving laser scanner.  Handheld, pole-mounted, or attached onto your chosen mobile platform such as a vehicle or UAV and pass through your target survey environment to record more than 40,000 measurement points/second.  GeoSlam_Seiler_Images

The GeoSLAM Cloud allows for Zeb-Revo data to be processed online in the GeoSLAM Cloud where best-in-class Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) algorithms work their magic. Combining measurement data from the laser with positional data from the on-board IMU, our SLAM algorithms use feature recognition routines to perform cloud-to-cloud registration; aligning the scan data automatically.

“The SLAM algorithm provides a very efficient and accurate workflow that makes indoor mobile mapping very accessible,” said Travis LeMoine, Seiler’s Director of Emerging Technologies.   “We’re very excited to offer the Zeb-Revo to our progressive customer partners.  GeoSLAM has produced a system that is both powerful and portable.”  Seiler Instrument will offer sales as well as rental of this solution.  Contact us via email: [email protected] for inquiries or to schedule a demonstration or call direct 888-263-8918.


One response to “Press Release: Seiler Instrument partners with GeoSLAM!”

  1. Jon Schwichtenberg Avatar

    We are looking at this technology and need to know what the purchase price (with software) is, what the rental price is per week/per month and would like to get a sample dataset that we can test in our software.

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