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UAS Proposed Rules Released Yesterday

Our very first blog post will be a welcome one!  The FAA and DOT have released the proposed rules for small UAS flight (small being less than 55 lbs.).  These rules will have a tremendous impact on UAS flight for years to come.  Most experts are now anticipating 18-24 months for the FAA to address all the anticipated comments on this and implement a final set of rules.  We’re excited to see progress here and are looking forward to operating UAS outside of 333 exemptions and COAs (Certificate of Authorization).  We were particularly excited to see a special operator certification that won’t require a pilot’s license.

Take a look at the summary of the draft rules or, if you like reading long legal documents, you can read the full document.

Stay tuned for more developments here!


2 responses to “UAS Proposed Rules Released Yesterday”

  1. Tom Seiler Avatar
    Tom Seiler

    This is some welcome news and a long time in coming from the FAA. This seems like a good solution that ensures compliance & safety and allows for productivity with UAS.

  2. Mark Fredrickson Avatar
    Mark Fredrickson

    Looks like good progress. Lot’s of questions surrounding this technology!

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