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Webinar – Boost your mapping productivity on large sites with a fixed-wing-drone

Boost your mapping productivity on large sites with a fixed-wing-drone

Travis LeMoine Director of Emerging Technologies at Seiler Instrument and Brandon M. Thompson – PLS, CMS and Applied Product Engineer at Delair
When: March 26, 2019 – Tuesday
Time: 11:00am – Noon (Central)
Please join Seiler and Delair Aerial Intelligence for this webinar, which is exclusively for Midwest Surveyors and Mapping GIS Professionals.  Is there, on earth, a surveyor or a mapper who wouldn’t be interested in saving time and money, get more reliable data, take less risks in the fields and, in one word, be more productive? The solution is that simple: just fly a fixed-wing drone and move further into the digital era of surveying and mapping.


  • The life before drones: the pain points that surveyors and mappers can now forget.
  • The Delair secret sauce; operational and technical features of the Delair UX11 that make aerial mapping and surveying easier and more efficient.
  • Tips and tricks for data alignment; how to get the data from the field back into your day-to-day software?
  • Working with a fixed-wing mapping drone; enjoy the long list of benefits of using it day after day.
  • The ROI of the fixed-wing drone; how to make or save money with the fixed-wing drone?

Who should attend?

  • Surveyors seeking for ways to boost their productivity and solutions to survey large sites.
  • GIS specialists in need of fresh and accurate 2D/3D maps.
  • Drone service providers tasked with large site mapping.



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