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Quantum Systems F90+ Payload – Sony RX1R II


Great for Orthophoto & DEM point clouds & 3D models 1.29cm/px @ 100m altitude

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Thanks to the 35 mm CMOS sensor with 42.4 megapixels, the Sony RX1RII is ideal for all applications where the highest requirements are placed on the images.

Especially in the field of DEM & orthophoto as well as high-resolution point clouds and detailed 3D models are a breeze with the images taken by the Sony RX1RII.

GSD values in the range of 1.29cm/PX @ 100m altitude are possible!

All payloads are ready to fly! It takes just a few simple steps to switch between our extensive payload portfolios.

Sample Data Information
  • Flight time: 38min
  • Area: 66ha
  • Battery usage: 33%
  • Average flight altitude: 137m (special permit)
  • Pictures taken: 1300
  • GSD: 1.8cm/px
  • Accuracy of checkpoints (X, Y, Z) in cm: 0,56 0,59 1,28

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs


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